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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about AI Alternative and its model

Who is behind AI Alternative ?

Glad you asked ! I am Benoît (from France) and I want to build the best AI tools directory.

How do you make money ?

For the moment, I do not make money with this project. But, on the tool pages you will find some affiliates links. It helps me support the cost of maintaining the project (server cost, time spent, automation tools etc..).

How many tools are listed on AI Alternative

We have more than 200 AI tools, prompts and extensions listed on the website. We cover almost all categories : SEO AI Tools, Writing AI Tools, Image AI Generator Tools, AI Video Generator Tool and a lot more.

What do you offer comparing to TAAIFFT or Futurepedia ?

Thereisanaiforthat and Futurepedia are definitely great AI directory. They compete to get the most tools on their platform. I have a different vision > AI tools are pumping every day but a lot of them are already dead or not useful. I want to be the trusted source by choosing the best one.
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