Typeframes Review : Pros, Cons, Pricing and Alternatives

Review of Typeframes (2024): pros, Cons and Alternativess. TL;DR : The tool is amazing to create amazing videos in seconds (👏 Lilian and Tibo)





Creation year



Free trial (with watermarks)

Languages supported

All languages

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What Typeframes wants to achieve : Converting any text or idea into stunning videos (for Yuutube, Tiktok, Instagram)


Easy to make stunning videos

Ability to make videos from a website, a tweet or a Youtube video

API available : ability to create programmatic video


Pricing a bit high (49$/month to get AI credits)

No other con (told you the tool is great)

What is Typeframes?

Typeframes is like that super-skilled friend who can effortlessly turn any story or idea into an incredible video. Think of it as a genius tool that converts plain old text into dazzling product videos, specifically for your SaaS offerings.

typeframes home page

How Typeframes Works?

Let’s break it down. Have you ever tried to make a product video and found yourself tangled in a web of options, not knowing where to start? Yep, been there. Typeframes is here to save the day with a quick and effortless approach.

  1. Write the text content you want to feature in your video : break the sentences to make your own rythm and plug any audio on it
  2. Customise your video : upload your own photos, make it like your own brand (with colors, fonts etc..) or just add any visual effect to make more unique
  3. Create for any social media : generate the video for your favorite social media by choosing the formats (vertical or horizontal)

Ditch intricate video editing software. Typeframes harnesses AI's capabilities to quickly and effortlessly create top-notch product videos that engage your viewers!

Who knew turning a tweet to video or website to video could be this seamless?

What are Typeframes Features?

Now, the juicy part - the features! Here’s what you can expect when you join the Typeframes party:

  • Text to Video Magic: Convert your lists, tweets, or any text into engaging videos. It's like turning your words into visual gold.
  • Diverse Effects: From subtle to 'OMG', there’s an effect for every mood and message. The world is your oyster.
  • Export & Share Everywhere: Whether it's for a product hunt video, a simple share on social media, or a special send to your email list, Typeframes has got you covered.
  • Effortless Integration: Fancy an API? Typeframes plays well with others, ensuring your videos fit right into your existing tools and platforms.
  • Your Personal Video Account: Keep track of all your video creations in one neat place. No more sifting through endless files.
typeframes features

What is Typeframes Pricing ?

The pricing changed recently (beginning of January before) and it's a bit less affordable than before.

Let's see the 3 plans :

  • Hobby : $29/month for unlimited videos and customization (but no AI credit)
  • Growth : $49/month for same with Hobby plus the AI Tools (Voice Generation, video credit) and Automations.
  • Hand-Made : work a professional (then, it's a service, not with Typeframes tool)
typeframes pricing

Typeframes Free Tools

Tibo (the same hgut from Taplio & Tweet Hunter) created some amazing free tools to show you how powerful Typeframes is. Some examples :

With an average rating of 5/5 from users (yes, that's not a typo), it seems I'm not the only one who's smitten with Typeframes.

Typeframes Example

The video below has been generated with Typeframes tool to try the tool. My opinion is simple: the tool is simply incredible.

So, next time you're pondering how to make your product stand out, remember there’s a nifty tool named Typeframes waiting to turn your words into the kind of videos that capture attention. Instantly.

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Converting any text or idea into stunning videos (for Yuutube, Tiktok, Instagram)


Frequently asked questions about Typeframes

When was Typeframes created ?

Typeframes has been created in 2023.

Where does Typeframes has been created ?

Typeframes has been created in France.

Who created Typeframes ?

Lilian (now Tibo) created Typeframes.

How much does Typeframes cost ?

Current pricing : Free trial (with watermarks).

How many languages are supported by Typeframes ?

For the moment, Typeframes supports All languages languages.

Is Typeframes VC Funded ?

For the moment, Typeframes is built without external investors.
Yes : Typeframes is VC Funded.

No VC Funded but the tool has been acquired quickly by Tibo, founder of Taplio and TweetHunter