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Complete review of tool : pros, cons and I suggest some good alternatives. The review is based on my personal experience with after using the tool for almost 3 years.




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What wants to achieve : Generate persuasive, high-converting copy.


Time-saving: helps users save a significant amount of time

Versatility and customization: the platform offers an intuitive user interface

Cost-effective: save money on content creation


Lack of originality and creativity sometimes

Learning curve for advanced features: some features may require advanced knowledge

Limited knowledge in certain fields

Are you tired of struggling to come up with compelling marketing copy and content? Look no further!

What is ? is here to save the day! With this powerful AI-powered copywriting tool, you can effortlessly generate high-quality copy that sells. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to effective marketing materials that captivate your audience.

How does works?

It's simple! This user-friendly tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create engaging and persuasive content for your business. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Copy Generation: utilizes advanced algorithms to generate copy for various purposes. Whether you need captivating blog posts, sales copy that converts, attention-grabbing digital ad copy, engaging social media content, persuasive eCommerce copy, or captivating website copy, has got you covered.
  2. Custom Freestyle Templates: offers the flexibility of customizing your copy with Freestyle templates. These templates allow you to add context and structure to your output, ensuring that the generated copy aligns perfectly with your brand voice and requirements.
  3. Premium Results in Seconds: Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds. No more wasting time staring at a blank page or struggling to find the right words. streamlines the content creation process, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Features of

  • AI-Powered Copywriting: Leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate top-notch copy for your marketing needs.
  • Wide Range of Content Types: covers a wide spectrum of content types, including blog content, sales copy, digital ad copy, social media content, eCommerce copy, and website copy.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the generated copy to suit your specific requirements with the help of custom Freestyle templates. Add your own context and structure to ensure a perfect fit for your brand.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Save valuable time and effort by harnessing the power of's lightning-fast content generation. Say goodbye to tedious writing tasks and hello to productivity.

Now, let's talk about how stacks up against its competitors —Jasper and Writesonic. While both tools offer their own unique features, stands out with its:

  • Understanding Content Generation: covers a wider range of content types, allowing you to address various marketing requires all in one place.
  • Customization Flexibility: With the custom Freestyle templates, offers more control and customization options, ensuring that the generated copy aligns perfectly with your brand.
  • Intuitive User Interface: provides a user-friendly interface that makes the content creation process a breeze, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Constant Innovation: continues to enhance its AI algorithms and features, staying at the forefront of AI-powered copywriting technology. is a game-changer for anyone seeking a powerful AI copywriting tool. With its ability to generate high-quality copy across various content types, customization options, speed, and efficiency, simplifies the content creation process and empowers businesses to connect with their audience like never before. Give it a try and unleash the full potential of your marketing copy and content today! logo


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Generate persuasive, high-converting copy.


Frequently asked questions about

When was created ? has been created in 2020.

Where does has been created ? has been created in United States.

Who created ?

Paul Yacoubian & Chris Lu created

How much does cost ?

Current pricing : Freemium.

How many languages are supported by ?

For the moment, supports 29 languages.

Is VC Funded ?

For the moment, is built without external investors.
Yes : is VC Funded.

According to Crunchbase, has a Total Funding Amount of 13.4M over 3 rounds. One of the investors is the famous Sequoia Capital.