MeetGeek Review : Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Review of MeetGeek : pros, Cons and Alternativess. I plan to try the tool but did not do it yet.





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What MeetGeek wants to achieve : AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights from meetings.


Automatic recording and transcribing of meetings for easy reference

Provides insights and summaries of the meetings

Allows for tagging of important items for future reference


Occasional errors in transcription and AI-based insights

UI/UX could be improved

Non-English sessions may be transcribed inaccurately

Are you constantly struggling to keep track of everything that happens in your meetings? The endless note-taking, trying to catch every detail, and still, some key insights fall through the cracks? Say hello to MeetGeek, your AI-powered meeting assistant that revolutionizes the way you manage meetings.

What is MeetGeek?

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant designed to maximize your meeting productivity by automatically recording, transcribing, summarizing, and providing key insights from every meeting. It's trusted by over 10,000 teams worldwide, offering a seamless integration into your existing tool stack. Let's dive into how this game-changer will transform meeting experiences for your team.

How MeetGeek works?

MeetGeek understands that the bulk of your energy should be focused on meaningful conversations rather than scrambling to jot down notes throughout the meeting. It works its magic in the background with minimal intervention from you. By automatically recording and transcribing your meetings, it frees up your hands to engage in the conversation, while the AI catches every word and insight.This revolutionary tool captures and shares meeting highlights across your company, enabling your team to quickly access any information from your past meetings. It also helps measure and uncover your meetings' weak points, ultimately redefining your meeting culture. MeetGeek is here to skyrocket your company's productivity, one meeting at a time.

What are MeetGeek features?

MeetGeek comes packed with a ton of features that elevate your meeting game:

  • AI Meeting Minutes: Automatically transcribe and summarize your meetings to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with your favorite productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams and other workforce software.
  • Shareable Insights: Capture and share key meeting takeaways with just a few clicks.
  • Find Information: Quickly search through your past meetings to find crucial data and insights.
  • Team Support: Built for multiple teams and roles, catering to various business structures.
  • Analytics: Measure and uncover meeting weaknesses to continuously improve your team's efficiency.
  • Enhance Sales & Customer Retention: Use data-driven insights to boost sales and provide a better experience for your customers.

MeetGeek is an indispensable addition to any team's toolset; it not only takes the hassle out of managing meetings but also empowers you to make the most of the time and data at your disposal. Say goodbye to lost insights and hello to a more effective, data-driven, and productive meeting culture. It's time to embrace the future of meetings with MeetGeek.

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AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights from meetings.


Frequently asked questions about MeetGeek

When was MeetGeek created ?

MeetGeek has been created in 2021.

Where does MeetGeek has been created ?

MeetGeek has been created in Romania.

Who created MeetGeek ?

Dan Huru created MeetGeek.

How much does MeetGeek cost ?

Current pricing : Freemium.

How many languages are supported by MeetGeek ?

For the moment, MeetGeek supports languages.

Is MeetGeek VC Funded ?

For the moment, MeetGeek is built without external investors.
Yes : MeetGeek is VC Funded.

Meetgeek has raised money in 2 rounds (pre-seed and seed in 2022).