Quickyai Review : Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Complete review of Quickyai : pros, Cons and Alternativess.




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What Quickyai wants to achieve : Simple and productive AI for business needs.


Quicky AI is an AI-powered tool that can help streamline workflow and boost productivity

QuickyAI is user-friendly and easy to use

QuickyAI reduces the need to constantly switch tabs


User needs to provide their OpenAI key thereby incurring additional costs

Onboarding process could be made simpler particularly for non-technical users

Some features are promising but have not been tested yet

Navigating the AI Chatbot Landscape: Quickyai To The Rescue!

What is Quickyai?

Have you ever found yourself lost in the overwhelming world of ChatGPT alternatives? It's like you're stuck in a never-ending maze of websites, struggling to find the perfect AI Chatbot tool for your needs – but then enters Quickyai, your savior! Quickyai is here to make your AI Chatbot journey efficient and productive. Offering a simple and straightforward extension for all popular browsers, Quickyai is your one-stop solution that brings the best of ChatGPT right at your fingertips.

How Quickyai works?

You might be wondering, "Is it really that simple?" Absolutely! Quickyai puts a stop to the endless browsing and tab-switching, offering you instant access to ChatGPT on any website. Just download the extension on your preferred browser, and within a few clicks, you'll have seamless access to ChatGPT without any complications. Say goodbye to those times when you felt lost and confused, and hello to Quickyai, a lifesaver for those who seek productivity in a fast-paced digital world.

What are Quickyai features?

For a clearer understanding of what Quickyai can do for you, take a look at its exceptional sidekick-worthy features:

  • Supports all popular browsers – Whether you're a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari fan, Quickyai's got you covered.
  • Everything comes in handy – Instant access to ChatGPT without leaving your current website? Check!

Ready to up your productivity game with this fantastic chatbot tool? Today is the day! Head over to Quickyai's website and download the extension. Don't miss out on a special promo code from their founders, valid only until June! Choose Quickyai for quick, hassle-free ChatGPT access and gift yourself that much-needed productivity boost.

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Simple and productive AI for business needs.


Frequently asked questions about Quickyai

When was Quickyai created ?

Quickyai has been created in 2023.

Where does Quickyai has been created ?

Quickyai has been created in United States.

Who created Quickyai ?

Basharath created Quickyai.

How much does Quickyai cost ?

Current pricing : From $29/mo.

How many languages are supported by Quickyai ?

For the moment, Quickyai supports languages.

Is Quickyai VC Funded ?

For the moment, Quickyai is built without external investors.
Yes : Quickyai is VC Funded.

Quickyai has been bought by Damon Chen (also founder at pdf.ai)